Brands & Branding 2019 Edition


You might say Brands & Branding in South Africa needs no introduction (after 25 annual editions), but while the title is unchanged the subject presents a constantly evolving scenario that deserves and requires 100% fresh content each year.

Affinity Publishing is proud to announce the 2019 edition of Brands & Branding, South Africa’s brand and marketing “bible”.

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Editorial Extracts

Key transformations and the emergence of brand ecosystems.
Dr Carla Enslin. 3 pages
In a recent interview Discovery CEO Adrian Gore stated that the moral core of a business can be rooted in a purpose built brand …

Connecting where it matters.
Stuart Innell. 1 page
Clients have for some time been extending brand positioning into purpose-driven expressions. With many of our fellow countrymen struggling to make ends meet, brands have stepped in to provide them with a sense of camaraderie and a picture of a future worth striving for …

Battle of the brands: consumer disloyalty is sweeping the nation.
Ailsa Wingfield. 2 pages
Whether they are doing so to stay current with the latest trends or to simply try something that piques their curiosity ‘new; has greater pull these days…

Mikyala Erasmus and Joe Mwase. 2 pages
One way brands can play a part in social change is to create communication and messaging that does not follow the stereotyping of women, but rather portrays them in ways which can be empowering.

Keeping up with consumers who shop at the ‘speed of digital transformation’.
Louise Marsland. 3 pages
The 1980s was the age when brands told consumers what they wanted and how they wanted it.  How ironic that 30 years later consumers are telling brands to change their ways …

Seven growth myths busted.
Tshego Tshukutswae. 2 pages
What we know for sure is that growth still exists – albeit in unchartered territory. We set out to learn from those who are getting it right; forward thinking marketers who are exploring unexpected partnerships, and sketching out a new growth trajectory …